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From Russia On Business

My dear friend Katia happened to be in the country this past week. I was so fortunate…she drove down from Chicago for business in Indianapolis, and I got to see her on Wednesday. What can I say, she’s the best. These days I only get to see her, what…once every two years now.

She told me “guess what, she’s a hungry girl tonight” and said she wanted some Italian food. What the hell do I know, I never go out to restaurants by myself. At least not that often. I was thinking about Bravo’s over by my place, but then I discovered there was a Bravo’s across the street from the mall. Katia likes nice classy restaurants with nice classy drinks, and I figured Bravo’s would fit nicely. Anyway…I learned an important lesson Wednesday night…Costco is on the NORTH side of Castleton Mall, and NOT the south side. I guess I drove all the way around the mall to find Galyan’s. So I looked like a complete idiot when I tried to drive to the north side of the mall to find Bravo’s. We only got separated twice. So I’m a bad leader when there’s another car following me. Luckily I can tell the difference between the headlights of most cars and the headlights of her Mercedes. And I wasn’t technically lost, I was just unaware of my current location in relation to the location of my destination. Hmm.

The food was good, and I liked their apple martinis. For some reason, I was been flapping my jaws way too much in the company of women. It’s starting to bug me a little bit, because they usually complain that I’m way to quiet. It’s either on or off, I guess. I laughed so hard when I heard her explain the concept of these new European malls which are trying to be more like American malls. Here in the good old USA, we have malls anchored by major department stores. In Europe, they’re anchored by IKEA…and in her words, a Russian department store, the French version of Super-Walmart, and the German version of Home Depot. It’s funny to try and imagine such a thing. It feels like “French” and “Super-Walmart” should be antonyms.

While she was away in the women’s room, a lady walked up to the bar where we sitting and started stroking her mink coat. I think she’d never see one before. Seriously now. She was stroking it for a full two minutes, with her husband waiting for her to finish. I mean come on now. She looked at me and asked, “is this full mink”? I just said, “maybe, I don’t know.” Because I am not a fur expert. She just kept stroking it, I thought maybe I should tell her something like “you can touch this next.” Luckily she was gone when Katia came back, otherwise there would have been hell to pay. Remind me to tell you the story of outside the Green Mill.