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Mister Beagle’s Adventures

The beagle has been quite mischievous lately.  Last week on Wednesday, he took the liberty of chewing up one of my laptop bag straps.  Completely destroyed, both the strap and the buckle.  So I can only close my bag halfway now.  Then on Friday night, he jumped onto the bed, laid down on my two pillows, stood up, and peed on both of my pillows.  Borrowed the wife’s pillow for the night, got new pillows over the weekend.

Today we were at the park.  First he got some free popcorn from an old man and his wife sitting at one of the picnic tables alongside the path.  Then we passed near the car, and I wanted to drop off my book in the car.  He thought I was going to take him home, and decided he wanted no part of it.  He backed out of his harness and ran across the softball field, where the girls’ softball game was in progress.  The action didn’t really stop while I ran across the field, shouting “he’s friendly”.  Finally the beagle left the softball field, and was finishing up peeing on a tree, when he let me get close and re-harness him.

At least he slept well this evening…