Feb 11

The one and only.

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Mr. Star:

Always in my heart you make me feel more loved than I’ve ever felt and happier than I’ve ever dreamed. The love and understanding you have is something I’ve searched for my entire life. Always in my happiest and saddest moments, you are my best friend and confidante. I come to you for everything, and you listen to me without judgment. Always, deep within my soul, I know we have a love like no other. What we share is something others only hope for and dream of, but few ever experience. Our love is magical beyond belief. Always, without hesitation, you give yourself completely. You’ve reached the very depths of my soul, bringing out emotions I never knew I had and unveiling an ability to love I never thought possible. Always and forever you’ll be my dream come true, the one I’ve waited for all these years.

Thank you for being who you are. You mean a lot to me.

Yours forever friend,

Ms. Phyne.

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Dec 19


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The real impossible is not to find it, but to find someone to accept it..

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Oct 21

Me in a few frames

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Oct 20


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I can’t help it

I love the broken ones

The ones who

need the most patching up

The ones that never been loved

And maybe i see a part of me in them

The missing piece, always trying to fit in

The shattered heart

hungry for home

No. You are not alone.


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Sep 24

Enough? Enough!

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Most of my life I’ve spent being a “strange” girl. Being the one that no one wanted to be with cause she had weird taste for music, friends, clothes, rings, glasses, colors, whatever the problem was at the time. And that for me was my whole world! When someone told me I was “weird”, that, by far, was the best complement ever! Why? Because being “weird” ment not be like every girl in school, in the block, in the neighborhood. I was truly unique being “the weird”.

And of course, that “weird” grew up, and with time, she started to have friends that was as “weird” as she was. It was fun people, for sure. I can’t stand being around people that aren’t funny and sarcastic about life. And so I did. In time, those people went away because that was life and once more, she was alone. But one day, she met some new people and they found her funny and outgoing, so she had new friends… and so on. It’s a never ending loop of people coming and going since I was a child.

In my family I was the black sheep! Oh! The best compliment ever! (yes, again!) I’ve never felt so happy when my cousins told me they didn’t want to play with me cause I didn’t like New Kids on the Block (the boys band of the 80s). My cousins friends thought I was too strange on taste, but the guys always liked me cause I shared the same taste with them: video games, music, comics, movies, etc.

I always had more boy friends than girl friends. Not because I was interested in the guys, it’s just I always felt at ease, confortable with their world, while the female world always sounded like a distant, nosy, uninterested world made by make-up, boys, and later, sex. With the male world it was simple and clean. No bullshit, no nothing. Straightfowardness.

Being all that, of course, I had the same experience in college. Why would I pick the hot shot courses of the moment if I can do what I really love? “But, you will be poor!”, same said. “Yeah. It’s true. But I have more now, that I’ll ever have if I focus only on money.”, was my answer. They looked confused and never really understood what I was saying. So, my passion, my lover, my dream come true: History! Even today, as an English teacher, when people ask me what is my profession, my answer is: “I am a Historian.”

In the love life? Geez! I’ve tried all my life to find ONE guy that would be as me. Human. Realized it is nearly impossible. Well, I haven’t found him yet, so, still is. All the guys I chose in my life so far, I did thinking they were the ones! The one I could finally settle down, be me and just be, with all, imperfection and perfections! But I was mistaken this whole time. And my deadliest mistake so far, was to think I was the problem. Wow! How stupid I was!

As in man, and in every single aspect of my life, as you can see above, I am different. I am a human being that has a heart made of flesh, which has being toyed around and crushed several times and still wants and fights to remain human. A person that never felt asshamed of what she felt and is always honest with her feelings. Even though you have the whole weight of the world in your back saying you are too stupid and you should quit being so dumb.

Well, with that in mind I realized today, while I was taking a shower, how much I’m suffering for nothing! If you check all the aspects above, you will see a person that never minded being called names or didn’t mind to love rock’n’roll. Neither became a friend with someone to just take advantage of that person. I am like that. And with a world filled with people using each other as they use their toillets, it becomes really complicated. And life, I tell you, this time, with my college degree, you almost did knocked me down for good. I was one step to even think that I have wasted all this thirty-two years of my life making stupid choices. And I’ve just realized that, that girl that was happy for being different, started to lose her track with herself. Started to look to the sides and see how was people doing things and it was working with them, why not with her? So, each day, bit by bit, she started to lose herself. That’s why she wasn’t enough. Not because of her career, job, boys, family… only because, in the end, she can’t treat people like objects, is too honest and believes in people’s goodwill.

So yeah! I’m so proud of myself! That young little girl conquered so many! She is still here. A fighter against the concrete that surround us all from the individuality. I shouldn’t be hidding myself from the world! When people find a treasure, they show it. And it shines brightly!

Now? My next goal? Well, in love life, I will still look for that guy. The true fighter, like me. The one that it won’t settle down until he finds his true hapiness. In my career life, I will keep my goals.. in History! Yes! Poor, but happy! I’ve never wished to have a rich life financially speaking. My riches come in other ways. In my family, until today, being the black sheep is still the best compliment ever! And finally, with my friends, I will have people that come and go… but that’s life. If you don’t stay, I know that you aren’t a dreamer and a person that shares the same beliefs in life, so..

Wow! I’m more than enough. I’m simply awesome!

It doesn’t matter what you are, who you are or what you desire in life. The audacity of being different reflects in your personality, in your character and in what you are. And that is how people will remember you one day. ~Ayrton Senna. (voted in 2009 as the best pilot of all F1. For what he was as a racer, yes, but also as an amazing human being.)

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Aug 10

Fernando Teixeira de Andrade

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“H√° um tempo em que √© preciso abandonar as roupas usadas, que j√° tem a forma do nosso corpo, e esquecer os nossos caminhos, que nos levam sempre aos mesmos lugares. √Č o tempo da travessia: e, se n√£o ousarmos faz√™-la, teremos ficado, para sempre, √† margem de n√≥s mesmos.”

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Aug 6

A push

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The dream is what makes move foward. If we follow reason, we remain quieted, accommodated. ~Ariano Suassuna.


… I add: and alone.

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Aug 5


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This is the word on my vocabulary I’ve been searching for the whole time: together. I’ve always liked to do stuff together, play together, go to a movie together, drink together, etc. Most of my life I didn’t have the opportunity to do it. I want to change that. It doesn’t mean that if you do stuff with someone and, sometimes, it’s better or funnier than when you are alone, means that you depend on that person. I hate crowds but I love people. My job is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Being a teacher has tought me more that school and college together.

All I wanted to hear my whole life was that I know that sometimes it hurts being who we are. A mixed of lack of faith in the future and being fed up of the present. It’s normal to have heavy shoulders and it’s also normal to give up on the daily battles. At the same time, me and you, we know how is sad to abandon what matters most to us in the middle of the way. So, let’s do this: you hold my hand and -TOGETHER- we promise each other not to give up on life for anything in this world and, we are responsible for each other from now on. If it’s not from strength and courage, maybe love will make us go on.

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Jul 21

My sweet summer is gone.

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Oh well… I can’t believe that 45 days passed so fast. I’ve enjoyed every single small part of it. I’ve tasted in so many different ways. ¬†It was amazing! More amazing than I’ve imagined I’bar. e. It’s like when you plan something and in the end things amazes you in a way that you’d never thought it was possible.

My first day started with your smile on that escalator and then some barbecue, ¬†some wow trivia and a Louie marathon. I was excited, ¬†free, happy and enthusiastic about the opportunities that could unravel. On day two, when we walked in the condo, I’ve got a sun burn. lol And the lunch was at my favorite place since last time: Paradise Cafe. Then we went to watch a movie, “The Immigrant”. It was my first movie in the US in a long time. It was a great movie. Talks about a girl that arrive in the US with her sister and she’s sick, and because of that, she’s not able to go through. She has pneumonia. ¬†With that her sister decides to do whatever it takes to get her sick sister out of the island where she’s being held captive. After that, we went to Frys to buy some things and i started my journey to find all the box dvds. Dinner was at a Mexican Restaurant that we’ve been making fun of the rest of my stay. The margaritas were fine. It came in a huge pitcher, but the food wasn’t that good.

Next day, it was raining insanely. ¬†So, you took me to some doughnuts place. And, to be honest, ¬†WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT DOUGHNUTS?! Too bad that I only had an opportunity to eat those again on my last day. That was our lunch, and so we went to play some mini golf. I was scared! lol I’ve never done that before and it seems easier said than done. I was ok for a first timer. I remember the place glew in the dark and it was a monsters theme. I loved it. After the whole mini golf, we’ve decided to play some air hockey and finally i was able to beat your ass in something! lol Aftewards, we went to the AMC again to watch X Men. It was awesome! ¬†And then my nightmare starts: bookstore. My first Half Price Bookstore and it was awesome. I don’t remember which books though, but with my new collection of Auschwitz for sure! I know for a fact that I bought Rodolf Ross cause I started reading it right away. After, we went to Carmel to an irish restaurant called Muldoon’s. ¬†They had a trivia night about Harry Potter and I hate Harry Potter. We were horrible at it. We sucked balls! lol Although the main street was so nice with all the statues. From here, we headed to the Cheesecake factory. That slice was way too big for me, cause we just eaten at Muldoon’s, ¬†so I couldn’t finish it. When we went home, you showed me you short: The Voice. I always knew you liked movies but I was proud and surprised to know that your name was in that short.

The day was extremely tiring for both of us. ¬†First we went to Yats and it was amazing. ¬†Although i got free bread from he guy there and you were pissed cause you had to pay for yours like 30 seconds earlier. lol To be honest, it was fun to see you “pissed” about it. ¬†With that, we marched to Keystone and the shopping spree. After that, ¬†we went to Kilroy’s to eat and it was the NBA finals, on of the days at least. That place was crowded. And finally, ¬†the last place of the ninight was Insomnia cookies. I was in love!

On the next day, we went to watch our third movie: Chef. ¬†It was awesome! It was the first week of my life that I’ve watched so many movies! lol Well, flexible and spontaneous. After the movies, we went to eat at Panera Bread and headed to a “country” faire. It was in some different town but i can’t remember the name. We’ve seen some manual crafting products. The lady that sold old buttons was awesome! I just bought a soap for me and for you and two necklaces, though. That faire was very nice, all crochet and tricot. Leaving the faire, we went for some ice cream. ¬†It was a hot sunny day, after all. The place’s name’s Ritter’s. I’ve got some smootchies! lol After, we went to Rascal’s for some more mini golfing, kart, bowling. Did i mention it was a very hot day? Well, you dropped your phone when you a one scored and it was dead. I remember that it didn’t hit the ground so hard but, it was broken. You were extremely worried about losing all your pictures. ¬†So, we went back to Keystone to the Apple store, they gave you some options and I remeber going to McAllister’s to eat while you decide what to do. You texted Pred from my phone to see what were his opinion about it. On the next day, at 10am sharp, we went back to Apple and you replaced for a new one and when everything was in the right place, we went to Alex’s graduation party in the park. We stayed there the whole day. It was a windy, sunny day. I’ve met Kat’s mom, Ana, Natalie. That day i listened more than talked. I was very quiet. As hours passed by, I’ve decided to go for a walk. I walked for like an hour and then i decided to sit a little and listen to nothing. ¬†I don’t know what happened to me that day, but i needed to stay in silence and i did. My thoughts were running like that river i was looking at. Then you texted me cause i wasn’t aware it’s passed so long. So i came back, and i honestly can’t remember what we did afterwards.

On Monday we went to Lindsey Sterling show. It was in the Egyptian Hall. ¬†I had my heels. ¬†Bad choice. ¬†The first bad was nice and you liked the girls, ¬†of course. ¬†But i guess we had to wait for an hour after for Lindsey appear on stage. It was magical for me seeing her play like. And by the end of the show, the most gratifying feeling seeing you liked her music. ¬†It was the first thing I’ve shown you that you liked. ¬†I was pretty happy about it. After, we went nearby to eat. Bruu’s burger. ¬†Oh, that bread pudim! It was my thrird favorite thing of that night.

Tuesday is still a mistery in my mind. I can’t remember at all what we did, so I’ll skip it. On Wednesday we went to a car museum at Richmond? I guess that was the name of the city. The museum was very small but the old guide was very kind and gave us a nice and welcoming tour explaining everything with rich details. I remember walking around downtown with the map in my hands while you asked what i wanted to see and while i decided, we entered a bookstore. This one didn’t have many options and i was glad, really. ¬†lol I was starting to feel bad xby the quantity of books I’ve bought so far. ¬†In the end, I’ve decided to go to a furniture store. ¬†We’ve realized it was also a museum. You fell in love wih DRUGS. lol By the end of that day, you took me to see a Shakespeare play which inspired the movie: Much Ado About Nothing. It was awesome! It’s been so long i haven’t been in a play. It was held in an old piano factory. Really quiet and nice place.

The next day we went to the zoo. ¬†We arrived late so we couldn’t stay there for long but I’ve got to see most of the animals. I still like that frozen lemonade, by the way. And the next Friday was awesome. We went to 100 acres park, it was a beautiful day. ¬†We walked and he nature in that place was so perfect. ¬†You know, i wish I could have enough time to come back there sit beneath one of those big trees close to that huge skeleton and read a book while listening to the wind blowing the leafs. ¬†Too bad there was not enough time. Connected to the park, there isthe IMA garden and OMG! That place is just amazing. ¬†That garden… oh wow! That small museum in that garden was fine too. But the best was still to come: italian faire. Oh yeah! That was an awesome choice. Mountain Dew, some white sauce pasta and a fried ravioli. Well, i mised dessert cause it ran off by the time igot there, so ate some chocolate cake. But I’ve got to admit that your choice on dessert was better than mine. Some ice cream, also the meatball sandwich. ¬†Itwas a pretty busy outdoor day.

Ahh Saturday was the day! Finally the beach day arrived. We were up really early and it was my first car trip inside the US. South Haven! Oh, cmon! That beach was awesome! The view from lake Michigan was fantastic. Even though you made me walk like 10 blocks to get to a public bathroom, ¬†but it’s fine! lol the water was freezing cold. I have to admit, but i wish i could have had more time around it. It was so relaxing. ¬†After the beach, we drove around the city for a bit and than we stopped for ice cream. ¬†HOLLY SHIT! That ice cream… ahhh! Best chocolate mint ever! We walked some more around, considered watching a movie, decided not to and went to dinner at Clementines. When we finally got the car, ¬†we you tried to find ¬†hotel but couldn’t cause the city was full of people cause of some event i can’t recall at the moment. ¬†So we went to Grand Rapids to sleep cause it was the closest hotel you booked. It was the first time I saw your machine. I didn’t mind. Next day i got ready super fast cause i didn’t want to delay your brunch with your dad. So, we drove to the cassino where he was staying. It was a huge place that smelled cigars. We waited, ¬†you’ve spoted him and we came to see where he was… playing some card game. I was nervous. ¬†Really nervous. ¬†I’ve never seen him in my life and now what? lol The “what if” game started to run rampant in my head. Well, he was off, he stopped by a slot machine. I’ve realized you were extremely quiet. ¬†Quieter than usual. Only afterwards i knew that was your natural state. ¬†We stayed there while waiting for the buffet to open. Wow! He’s a really talk man. Just like you. When we got ourselves into the buffet, ¬†it was fun for me. I’ve got to learn a little about his story and i love listening to people’s stories. ¬†I had the guts to ask a few questions like how he met your mom, what’s your real middle name. But i got jealous when he talked about your trip to “Lord of the Rings”. Awwwww. lol He seemed like a real nice guy and i can tell he cares for you deeply by the way he looks at you. After saying goodbye, ¬†we drove to Holland. ¬†Went straight to Holland Museum. Oh! The nazis propaganda. ¬†Aftewards we walked around a bit in that square in front of the museum and we went to the hotel. Shower and bar. Another NBA final going on. I’ve got tipsy and someone was laughing. ¬†I told you! I can’t drink! It’s not safe!

The day, still in Holland, we went to that breakfast place. I ordered a french toast. Yummy! I’ve bought another souvenir and we went mini golfing at the “ice cream” place. I lost again. I blame the heat. lol But hey, i was getting better! Got a one and some twos. It was good! Mini golfing done, Grand Rapids Museum time. The place was so huge, we couldn’t finish it. We spent way too much time on the first floor. That’s for sure! ¬†My camera was out, yours was almost out and my leg had a breakdown. ¬†I couldn’t walk anymore. ¬†lol We drove to Stellas afterwards, ¬†sat at a booth order some vegetarian burrito and as for dessert, ¬†the bacon “meatball”. Than drove back to Indy.

The next three days were a relaxed “at home playing wow” situation. We had a real agitated two weeks. Time to gas up! And so we did.

On Friday, the only two things we did was going to the Half Priced Books faire and Barnes and Nobles. On the frist one, i got two books. No aAuschwitz going on at all. And on Barnes were like two or three. Yes, Auschwitz going on! Haven’t got that big orange Herodotus.. one day i will.

Finally Chicago came. We went on the way to Portillo’s to eat a hot dog. When I actually arrived in Chicago, ¬†wow! What a beautiful view it was. It’s an amazing city! So, we head to Chicago Art Museum, ¬†we stayed there the rest of the day untill it closes and it wasn’t enough time. All cause i remember complaining with you on the night before cause you never play wow with me. It’s true! But, if i knew what I’d be missing on the next day, ¬†I’d be gone to bed like 8pm, just to wake up early to be able to see all that marvelous place. I don’t hold you guilty on that one. When we got out of the giflt shop, I’ve noticed you all weird. ¬†We were walking around in “circles” to me and you got into that hotel my thought was: “He said he didn’t want stay downtown. ¬†WTH! What is that chandelier ovet that? Holy shit, look at that ceiling!” Do, as my mind was drifting away from whatever was happening on my surroundings, we entered the elevator. ¬†“You haven’t even checked i , why are we in the elevator?!”, was my thought. ¬†After we were out, my eyes were in love with that ceiling cause it was a higher ground. ¬†So, you just stopped out of the blue and sat down. I was like: WTF?! I even remember the exact moment when I asked if i could take some pictures there and awhen i was unzipping my camera, i heard a familiar voice coming from the left. We i looked, there hen was! Mr. Preddy bear in flash. lol I was stoned! That was like the best surprise in years. It’s really hard someone surprise me like that. ¬†and man, he’s short! LOL After we went down again to go to the next surprise place. As we were walking we stopped for a light, you saw some friends of yours. What are the odds? Well, we went to a bar cause it was about to start raining. ¬†We had some drinks and the restroom was in a dungeon place downstairs. lol after the drinks/some bread you guys ordered, ¬†we went upstairs to the room scape. Yo be honest i felt pretty shitty on that cause i didn’t do much. But it was fun, for sure! After the lost on the room scape, we went to Fogo de Ch√£o (even better when you guys say it, btw). I demanded someone to talk to me in Portuguese. Although the place was full, we stayed at thr bar drinking caipirinhas. After two, and losing the first table, ¬†we finally set down to eat and Carlos, the waiter, was also from Minas Gerais. ¬†Because of that, I’m proud of you guys have been surved with the best meat all the time and also some farofa. ¬†Well, i think my job was done. We walked a bit and it was time to say goodbye. What a day! We went back to the garage to pick the car and head to a hotel. ¬†But this was passed 00am, so no hotels. Not even in the area around Chicago. ¬†Never seen that in my life! lol I was worried sick about you, cause you decided after all tries, to drive back to Indy. It’s been a really tiring day for both of us and you had to drive. Well, i didn’t sleep until you stopped in that first rest inn area. ¬†After that, i remember waking up again when you stopped the car in the second area. It was sunny already. ¬†The heat was terrible but we were too tired, so you slept a bit… and after that, ¬†the only thing i remember was when you woke me up to eat breakfast in your favorite place. We ate some, went straight home and passed out.

We didn’t do anything on Monday, ¬†just chilled and played some wow, went a bookstore, ¬†bought some games and there was a real bad storm going on by the time we came home. But on Tuesday, ¬†you took me to Eitejorg Museum. The Indian museum. It was super exciting! We had a tornado alert and we had to go underground. ¬†I still think that was a drill cause it was the museum’s anniversary. ¬†lol

On Wednesday was a beautiful and hot day. We went to both libraries downtown. ¬†The 6th floor is still my favorite. ¬†On the next day, we stayed home. Friday was Indianapolis University day. I’ve finally saw the campus. ¬†It’s amazingly well took care. I truly loved that place. ¬†But the real goal was the museums inside the university. ¬†We went to see an exhibition, ¬†hmmm… about sex?! I made all the jokes possible about you and John and you made all the lesbian jokes on me, so let’s call it a tide. After that, we went to the art museum inside the campus, and I saw so many pretty sculptures, ¬†paintings and artifacts. I didn’t expect it to be so big. As we finished all, the weather changed again and you decided to take me out of the campus for some ice cream and to eat. We did, and i as i recall, you were checking the waitress out. ¬†lol It was funny you trying to be serious about it. ¬†Well, ¬†after we went to watch a movie: Last Two Lovers Alive. It was fun! And i still hate her sister. So, we drove back home and passed out.

The next day, you took me to Mi Colombia.

It was a ballet performance. ¬†While waiting for it, we decided who were the hot chicks for you and which guy was hot for me. I loved the dresses and the colors. After we went to our second food fest: The Rib Fest. I wasn’t feeling ok, I was dizzy and it was sunny as hell. We sat down on a shade picnic style. ¬†I made you my “mule” to go pick up stuff to eat cause I couldn’t stand up for long. We played around with the camera a bit and we went home.

Next day was a Sunday. ¬†Oh, that day I’ll never forget in my life. June 29th was the day we tickled ourselves to death. ¬†I’ve waited six long years to have a chance to do it and I took that chance. It was the best choice I’ve ever made. We pretty much stayed like three next full days without doing anything. ¬†On Wednesday we went for some shopping. And on Friday I’ve got the opportunity to shop for you! Oh, that was awesome! But it was also 4th of July!

On Saturday we went shopping on Nashville. ¬†All leather products going on. It was funny as hell the way that, as you said, “lied to my face” when you choose your leather wallet without knowing it. ¬†The town was super busy that day. Maybe cause of 4th but, holy cow! I’ve bought some “loot” as you said.

The next two days, we stayed home. And on Tuesday I finally got the chance to finish IMA. I didn’t though. lol There was still the third flood to finish and the special exhibition. ¬†Oh, Ana’s birthday downtown and also that hipster bar with your weird drink. So, next day, we came back to finish it and also the zoo. It was a nice day out. Peaceful. ¬†Although my heart started to ache cause i had less than a week. I couldn’t sleep straight that night, so I’ve decided to write that letter that’s in you possession right now. It’s all there! The next day, we also didn’t do anything and on Friday, ¬†we’ve watched Ida. My last movie under your watch. ¬†And so it started my last everything…

My last weekend. We went back to Chicago and also rained. ¬†I think that place hates me. lol Because of that, we went to the Field Museum, Crocs, hotel and your friend’s barbecue. ¬†The Field, we took forever to get in, but I liked that you became a member. ¬†And at your friend’s party, oh! That was fun, although I was really tired and super sad. We’ve played that bag game again, just like in Michigan. And we found out we were playing by the rules. lol Darts! Oh yeah! You suck at it badly. I did great for a first timer, even though you were reluctant to play again as yoi end up not doing it. And of course, ¬†the board games. I blew up your ships and the candy crush game we end up tied. But on scramble, ¬†I suck balls at it and you were raping my ass till I found out that you were a pro on that game. HOW DARE YOU, sir! I also found out about your toe nails polisher. LOL Knowing that on the same week I’ve heard the story about “shots”. So, as we left the bbq raining and with a probability of a tornado, again, we went back to the hotel and passed out. Sunday was THE day. Went for some shopping and afterwards, ¬†my lovely honey sweetheart: The Renaissance faire. I literally want to live in that place forever. ¬†The pickles on the stick, ¬†the bards, jousting, ¬†the costumes, ¬†corsets, ¬†that mushroom dish, the jugglers, the pi√Īa colada and, of course, ¬†the sassafras. (Yes, I still hate root beer).

My last full day. Oh, man! The pain. Since you let me choose the last place to eat, ¬†I’ve got Big Hogga’s barbecue for lunch. ¬†And at night, we went out with movie girl to dine and then the bar. In between, ¬†she let me drive her car. It was awesome! ¬†After almost 45 days! That was my last night around. ¬†Next day, you woke me up and the box of doughnuts were waiting for me downstairs. ¬†That was awesome! After some time, we left for lunch while almost all of my stuff was already packed. Lunch was the Thai food place. I’ve repeated that, 6-7 times. It was by far, my favorite food.

This is the most things we’ve done. Not all. There’s still that bbq place you took me and you saw the kid throwing up, the Chinese restaurant with the awesome waitress, your favorite restaurant, ¬†Jason’s Deli talks, a sea of chairs on 4th of July, internal jokes, the police stop and so much more…

All I know is that it was all special.  I started this with your smile in the airport and I left with your watery eyes. That ment a lot to me.

I will miss you. Everyday, everything. All the time until one day I see you again and be able to have that bear hug and everything will be in the right place. As time stood still.

~Ms. Phyne.

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Dec 8

Quase acabando..

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Foi um ano muito muito bom! Finalmente fui √† Calif√≥rnia, experi√™ncia fenomenal e √ļnica foi Los Angeles! De longe, a maior cidade que j√° pus os p√©s! Louca pra voltar… lugar m√°gico! Las Vegas √© imperd√≠vel! N√£o tem palavras pra descrever o que aquele lugar proporciona.

Rock in Rio foi m√°gico. Pode ver o Metallica ali, tocando pertinho de mim foi fenomenal! Sentir a vibra√ß√£o do povo ao meu redor pirando com as introdu√ß√Ķes das m√ļsicas seguintes foi incr√≠vel! N√£o s√≥ esse show, claro, mas Alice in Chains, Sepultura e Nickelback que me surpreendeu muito mais que Bon Jovi. Eles conseguiram manter a galera pulando e cantando o tempo todo sendo que Bon Jovi foram tr√™s ou quatro m√ļsicas que a galera pirou e acabou. O resto do show a maioria sentou e ficou l√°, como se nada tivesse acontecendo. 2015 estou l√° agarrada novamente!

No trabalho, fiz nova prova e passei podendo ser treinante até mesmo de TOEFL e FCE. Finalmente sou uma high level teacher! Não podia imaginar isso desde que há exatos 20 anos que seria professora de inglês e muito menos teria um nível tão alto! Fora as investidas em outras escolas e saber que passei em todos os testes, entrevistas e tudo mais! Sensação fenomenal! Realização!

Isso sem falar nos pequenos momentos. Reconhecimentos, festas, abra√ßos, beijos, amigos, franc√™s… felicidades de dia-a-dia que foram tantas que nem d√° pra comentar. Curti demais!

E ano que vem também já começa com promessas fixas fenomenais! Que venha 2014 porque já tá demorando demais pra chegar! ahahhaahhahh

Quem teve a id√©ia de cortar o tempo em fatias, a que se deu o nome de ano, foi um indiv√≠duo genial. Industrializou a esperan√ßa, fazendo-a funcionar no limite da exaust√£o. Doze meses d√£o para qualquer ser humano se cansar e entregar os pontos. A√≠ entra o milagre da renova√ß√£o e tudo come√ßa outra vez, com outro n√ļmero e outra vontade de acreditar que daqui pra diante vai ser diferente‚ÄĚ (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)


Let the fire burn once more!




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