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The bunny

The last few nights I noticed a rabbit was visiting my patio late at night…each time in the 1AM to 2AM time frame.  It was very nervous, and was spending all its time at the base of my two bird feeders.  Very sloppy birds visit my feeders, and there is always seed spilled all over the ground.  The rabbit was carefully foraging from this food source.

Today I decided to fill a frisbee with bits of carrots and leave it out.  I guess some rabbits eat carrots and others don’t.  And they definitely prefer the green leafy part to the orange body.  So we’ll see.

Tonight, it’s only 10:30PM and I’m rewarded with the bunny’s return.  And as a bonus, there is a little one along with him/her.  A tiny rabbit is bouncing along my fence.  I’m not sure if there are any others, and I won’t disturb them foraging tonight.  I left fifteen carrot pieces out, we’ll see what I’ve got left tomorrow morning.

One other thing…there’s actually a dead bird laying out near the feeders.  My feeders are sort of out in the open, so they are vulnerable to predatory birds.  Not sure what killed my bird, but it happened in the last week or so.  It wasn’t there when I last filled my feeders.  And it doesn’t seem to have enough missing pieces to have been killed by a predatory bird for the purpose of eating.  Maybe it was just killed in competition for the food source, who knows.  But my point is, the rabbit doesn’t mind.  In fact, as it’s selecting bird seed to eat, it often sits on the spot where the dead bird is at.  Seems like that would be uncomfortable to me.

Final four weekend

I guess it’s Final Four weekend here in Indy.  This morning my pancake house is filled with people wearing Kentucky and Michigan State themed apparel.

About nothing much

Every time I read Vonnegut I’m reminded of the simplicity of life, of mortality, of an honest voice.

He references many of the same events in many of his books.  Even within a book, he makes circular references that very cleanly bring a point back to itself.  And I see life like that, full of circular references.

When I read I imagine the old man Vonnegut’s voice in my head.  I see him writing, on a pad of paper, spending more time erasing or scratching out than writing.  I think his relatives confirm he was a careful writer.  I imagine his frustrations taken out on crumpled sheets of paper.  I imagine his satisfaction of finally arranging the words he wants on paper.

The writing is funny, it can be really funny.  Really funny writing is far less about slapstick and far more about sarcasm and wit and perspective.  He really appreciated jokes of classical construction, the setup and the punchline.  That often shines through in his writing, in the way he decides to tell his stories.

It seems like on person could have told him “you’ve done so much in life”, and another person could tell him “wow you haven’t done much”, and he would have admitted they’re both right.  But that’s only in my imagination.

Me and Jenna Coleman

I went to Comic Con 2015 in Indianapolis.  Pretty much the sole reason for this was to meet Jenna Coleman.  She is currently playing the role of Clara Oswald, companion to the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) on Doctor Who.  She’s my favorite of the companions, so that’s saying quite a bit.  She’s also about 28 (somewhere around there), and completely gorgeous.

I got up late and ended up arriving at Comic Con pretty late (maybe like 10:30 or 11 AM), so I missed the first photo session.  When I bought my ticket, even the second photo session was unavailable, so I ended up with the last photo session of the day.  I actually was able to get a ticket for an autograph and stood in a really long line for that.  I just grabbed one of the standard photos on the table, probably her publicity headshot.

The line a was little annoying.  Two kids who are Purdue students were standing in front of me…and I had to hear the one of them going on and on whenever this college-age girl dressed up as River Song passed by.

Getting closer and closer to the front of the line, I was getting more and more nervous.  I did manage to take a few quick shots where I wasn’t even looking and managed to capture this moment:


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When I became “next in line” the convention staffer took my photo and gave it to Jenna’s assistant, who would then hand it to Jenna.  There was a post-it note stuck it note, with my name so she knew who I was.  When I stepped up, she said “Hello Rory” and I swear, with that accent, my knees nearly buckled.  I was trying to make sure I didn’t pass out.

A bit later, there was a Q&A session.  I didn’t get there late, but there were already a lot of people in that particular room.  I guess it nearly filled to capacity, which is about 2500 people.  They let people queue up for the chance to ask Jenna a question.  On either side of Jenna’s table, there were screens displaying the TV picture, so we could all have a chance to see her better, despite being far away.

A couple observations.  First, most people try to sneak in this “I have two questions for you” crap, instead of just asking one and letting as many people as possible have their turn.  Second, this selfie phenomenon is out of hand.  The first guy asked her for one, and she obliged from her seat.  His was maybe justified, because he did an amazing job of dressing up as Matt Smith.  Soon a second guy asked her for one, and she took a minute to come down off the stage and really pose with him for the selfie.  A few minutes later, a third guy asked her for one, and the room full of 2500 groaned at him.  We don’t want her to be wasting time with selfies, we wanted her answering questions.

Jenna’s sort of quote for personal inspiration is “work hard and be nice to people”, which I really love about her.  It’s simple advice that everyone should be heeding.  I think she said there’s something posted in her home that says that, and reminds her daily.

If she wasn’t an actress…she’d be…a writer or director.  That’s a bit standard I think.  And then she went a bit further, and explained that as a kid she loved Egyptian artifacts.  She’d be an archaeologist.

Her favorite episode?  The Snowmen.  I couldn’t remember the details of it, so later when I went home I re-watched it.  It is a really good episode, and definitely features Clara…it’s the one where she sort of becomes the Doctor’s assistant.  She also said she that out of all her episodes, she loved her costumes on The Snowmen the best.

She has a fear of awkward silences.  I love awkward silences.  I’d love to share an awkward silence with her.

Someone asked her if she felt her character was “too bossy”.  Her response was awesome.  “Sometimes the Doctor needs bossing around.”

Someone asked her if she could be one of the other companions, who she would be.  She chose Amy Pond, because of the “romantic elements” depicted, as Amy and the Doctor came to know each other and build a relationship at different points in Amy’s life.  I feel like a lot of that story is borrowed from the novel The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Amazingly enough, she has NOT eaten fish fingers with custard.  What!

I notice she makes the “L” with her thumb and index finger of both hands, bring up both hands to her face, and uses those “L”s to push back the hair in her face.  She does it a lot.

The Q&A session was a good time.  I left five minutes before the end, to try and get a jump on the photos line.  But even so, I was sooo far back.  Once it started, the line was fairly quick.  About half of the line was inside those roped off, back-and-forth deals like they have at amusement parks.  So on every pass, I had to pass by an “Elvis” dressed up in bright red and sparklies, because he was like 50 people behind me in line.  He was lugging behind him a suitcase on wheels.  I still don’t know if that was part of his costume or what.

The photo-taking was so quick.  I was a little surprised how long it took to snap, and I ended up blinking just as he took the picture.  He was right on top of it though, he knew it right away, and held up a finger “one more”.  So technically I took two photos with Jenna.  Only one would be waiting on the photos table on the other side of the convention hall.  Here’s a cropped shot of my photo with Jenna.  I keep the real one hanging on the wall in my guest bathroom.  Yeah, that’s right.

Peter Capaldi's been fired. Say hello to the thirteenth Doctor and his companion.

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Where would she go

Today I happened to see something out of my window.  From my second floor window, I can see over the fence, out to the highway.  I watched a woman get out of a car and start walking back towards oncoming traffic.  I immediately thought she might be looking for something, but what could it be?  It was just a passing car, had she thrown something out, or had something blown out, that she just had to go after?  The weather was really cold today, so I doubt the window would even be open.

Then I wondered if she’d had an argument with the driver, demanded that the car be pulled over, and tried to storm off into the cold.  The highway is sort of “fenced in” in this part…there are fences on both sides of the highway preventing easy access off of the highway.  So where would she go?  I watched her march about a hundred yards, as the driver of the car slowly reversed the car on the shoulder, keeping a distance away from her.

Now just west of where I live, the highway goes underneath an overpass.  After her hundred-yard march, she was beginning to approach that overpass…so she could potentially work her way up the snow (we had a few inches yesterday), and make it up to the two-lane road up there, but she’d still have to walk pretty far to make it anywhere.

She hopped up onto a big pile of snow, and then hopped down again.  Out of the shadows beneath the overpass, another figure emerged.  This new person was dressed in all-black, and what he was doing underneath the overpass I have no idea.  There was no car in sight, if possibly one had broken down or run out of gas.  With temperatures like this, you’d be better off staying in the car anyway.  It seems unlikely it would be a homeless person…there’s such little access to get underneath that overpass…or maybe that’s a good place for a homeless person to go?

The woman must have known he was there…she specifically walked towards the overpass, and seemed to be talking with him.  The two of them entered the car…which, thanks to the driver, was only a few yards away from the overpass.

I’m wondering what the story was…kind of interesting.