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Up a strange hill

I had a dream a few nights ago, and it was in multiple parts.  I should have written about it immediately, when details were more clear, but I didn’t.

The first part there was a sort of large space, with a bar along on edge, and a checkerboard pattern of tiles on the floor.  There were a lot of friends there, men and women, and I had a strong feeling that we were supposed to be somewhere else, doing something.

I used WoW spells on various members of the group, trying to get their attention focused on doing whatever it was we were supposed to be doing.  A few moonfires here and there, a few HoTs here and there.  Some people moved, some people noticed, but I don’t think we ever got on to whatever it was I wanted.

The second part involved walking along a path.  I was following a friend up a grassy hill, in a region where his hometown was presumably.  He acted like he knew the way, and was surprised to see the existence of he called a treehouse, but was actually just a small spooky-looking house, at the very top of a steep rise.  This was a really steep hill, covered in a green grass, that led straight up to the house itself.  When I say steep, it was too steep for me to climb in the dream.  It felt like a 70 degree incline.  Yet he navigated the way just fine.  I couldn’t follow.

The third part involved me trying to get around the hill, to see if there was another way up.  I turned the corner, into an open-space cavern, without a roof above, and it was the scene of a small radio.  There were bleachers around the perimeter, up against the cavern walls, and there were lots of Mexicans with boots and checkered shirts, having a good time watching the spectacle.

I was moving through the spectators, looking for an exit, when I woke up.  I still have these mental images of the hill in my dream, the house at the very top, and the friend walking up the trail.

A better look at the fourth toast

I remember a short dream I had early this morning.  I remember waking for a few seconds really early this morning, falling back asleep, and then I woke up at 5AM to begin the day.  This dream occurred in that sleep.

I was applying jam to four pieces of toast stacked in a pile.  For some reason I had multiple jams out.  There were two dark jams, I think it was blueberry and blackberry.  And then there were two orange jams.  One was apricot, and the other was peach.  I wasn’t applying one jam to each toast, but instead applying two jams to each toast.  In real life, I never do that.

I applied the darker jams to the first two pieces of toast.  I applied a dark jam and an orange jam to the third piece of toast.  And I was in the middle of applying apricot jam to the fourth piece of toast, when I noticed I was having a lot of trouble.  The apricot jam wasn’t mixing well with the already-applied peach jam, and I was thinking maybe it was because the peach jam was really chunky.  Lots of peach chunks just sticking out of the jammy mixture.  And I was having trouble holding the piece of toast.  I thought it moved in my hand.

So I put down the toast, and took a second to close up all the jam jars.  I turned on an extra light and picked up the fourth toast again, to have a better look.  You sort of hunker down into inspection mode, where you hold something very still, and hold your face still, to inspect something for the slightest trace of movement.

And sure enough, near the upper right corner of the toast I was holding, a worm-thing squirmed its “head” out at me.  I remember feeling surprised and annoyed.  I had a glove on my left hand, and tugged on its face.  I didn’t need to put much pressure, it sort of willingly jumped out at me, and it fell onto the kitchen counter.  It didn’t seem like my kitchen, and I didn’t recognize it as any kitchen I’ve ever been to before.

I wanted to move it somewhere, but I didn’t know where.  Without touching it.  I’d been fooling around with bacon earlier (still in the dream), and in the sink there was a spoon with a small piece of bacon on it, mostly just sticky white fat.  I picked it out of the spoon and threw it onto the counter, and the worm surprisingly scooted right after it.  I was alarm at its speed.  It swallowed the whole piece of bacon with its mouth in one movement, and I was alarmed at that.

For some reason I opened the refrigerator door, a small refrigerator that sat on the counter.  Inside the refrigerator, there were no shelves.  There was only a large styrofoam box, and it was occupying almost all the space inside.  The worm immediately jumped inside, and I shut the door.  I was thinking, good, that will keep him busy.  Then I worried about where he was at inside the refrigerator so I opened it again, and didn’t see him.  I lifted the box out, and there he was, underneath the box.  He didn’t move.  So I replaced the box inside the refrigerator, and shut the door.

And that’s when I woke up.

Two in the bowl

I had a weird dream this evening.  I’m not sure how long it was, but I only remember one part of it, and very clearly.

I dreamt I had just finished using the toilet and got up to inspect my work.  Kneeling and peering into the bowl, I saw typical brown stool of average diameter and average consistency.  A bit of undigested plant matter.  Maybe spinach, maybe kale.  But that part I remember so lucidly is the slow movement occurring in the water.

At the far end of the bowl, there was a long tapered, almost translucent body moving sort of back and forth.  I knew it was a tapeworm of some kind, and I went to look for the head…but it seemed like it was missing.  Only the body was there, maybe torn at the other end.  It was maybe 8 to 12 inches long.

And at the near end of the bowl, and more disturbing, was another nearly translucent body.  But this was clearly the body of a planaria, maybe 4 to 6 inches long.  The movement was very real.  The rear end was tapered, the body was like an elongated oval, and the front end came to a triangular point, but had two short stalks.  Kind of like a snail.

I was sitting there, in the dream, pondering this, and not liking it.  Then I sort of woke up.  I haven’t been so sure of what’s been going on in my GI tract the last couple of weeks.  Maybe my subconscious has its own suspicions…

Room of projected animals

Had a strange dream that I woke up from during the night, and knew I’d remember the next day.

This segment took place in some sort of academic building, in an open two or three story space.  A curved stairwell from the ground floor led up to the top, where there was an open ledge facing below.  The room was sort of a projection room, where images below were made to be seen by a user up on the ledge.

The series of projections being displayed to me up on that ledge mainly had to do with animals charging at me.  A large growling bear, leaping up from the ground to swipe its claws at me.  A large red-haired gorilla, trying to grasp me.  A killer whale surging up from ocean waves and trying to close its jaws on me, before falling back into the water.

I remember being fascinated with the physicality of each encounter.  The animal would always just not-quite reach me.  I even reached out a couple of times, as the animal was falling away, to see what the animal’s body would feel like.  I don’t recall being able to touch any of them.  In the dream, they all felt like real encounters, even though I was aware that they might not be.

Then when the series of images was over, the contents of the room were visible, and it became apparent that the whole process was not real.  There was a stack of cardboard boxes and bean bags piled up in the center room.  I decided to jump down onto it, knocking the whole construct over, and kicked bean bags to the far corners of the room.

And then the strangest part.  The door flies open, Simon Hellberg comes running into the room, and yells at me “why don’t you just trash the room!” and kicks a cardboard box against the wall.  And then he ran out a different door.

And then I woke up.

Dream fragment

I’m not sure if it was an enormous pool or if it was a good-size lake with a concrete enclosure, but it had several buoy-like “islands” tethered in it. They were for some kind of game, and each island was associated with a point value or a strategic value. No one was playing the game. I was out there with 1 or 2 friends, but we weren’t playing the game, we were sort of exploring it by hopping the islands.

I remember being on a small boat, standing on the side of it next to some bags of candy. Some kind of colorful, “pieces”-style candy. No chocolate. And then suddenly columns of water were falling away to depths of at least 100 feet, and then shooting back up. It could have been a natural phenomena, or it could have been part of the game in the area, I couldn’t really tell. But it was terrifying, because several columns would disappear and then shoot back up, and it was entirely random. Me and my friend were terrified, because we didn’t know if the column under the boat would be lost and the boat would get capsized. For some reason I stuffed one bag of candy into each of the side pockets of my cargo shorts.

Presently the movement of the water columns stopped, and our boat floated to the side of the “pool”. I stepped off the boat, and that’s when I woke up.