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Took the beagle over to West Park in Carmel this afternoon.  The weather is really nice, it’s a mix of start-of-fall and end-of-summer.  Cool temperature, sunny, warm wind.  Porthos was going crazy over the weather, and was definitely excited to hit the trail.  We did a full loop and a bit more.

During one sniffing-in-the-grass moment, he disturbed a tiny snake, which slithered between his front legs and further into the bush.  Porthos didn’t even notice.

Mister Beagle’s Adventures

The beagle has been quite mischievous lately.  Last week on Wednesday, he took the liberty of chewing up one of my laptop bag straps.  Completely destroyed, both the strap and the buckle.  So I can only close my bag halfway now.  Then on Friday night, he jumped onto the bed, laid down on my two pillows, stood up, and peed on both of my pillows.  Borrowed the wife’s pillow for the night, got new pillows over the weekend.

Today we were at the park.  First he got some free popcorn from an old man and his wife sitting at one of the picnic tables alongside the path.  Then we passed near the car, and I wanted to drop off my book in the car.  He thought I was going to take him home, and decided he wanted no part of it.  He backed out of his harness and ran across the softball field, where the girls’ softball game was in progress.  The action didn’t really stop while I ran across the field, shouting “he’s friendly”.  Finally the beagle left the softball field, and was finishing up peeing on a tree, when he let me get close and re-harness him.

At least he slept well this evening…

Up a strange hill

I had a dream a few nights ago, and it was in multiple parts.  I should have written about it immediately, when details were more clear, but I didn’t.

The first part there was a sort of large space, with a bar along on edge, and a checkerboard pattern of tiles on the floor.  There were a lot of friends there, men and women, and I had a strong feeling that we were supposed to be somewhere else, doing something.

I used WoW spells on various members of the group, trying to get their attention focused on doing whatever it was we were supposed to be doing.  A few moonfires here and there, a few HoTs here and there.  Some people moved, some people noticed, but I don’t think we ever got on to whatever it was I wanted.

The second part involved walking along a path.  I was following a friend up a grassy hill, in a region where his hometown was presumably.  He acted like he knew the way, and was surprised to see the existence of he called a treehouse, but was actually just a small spooky-looking house, at the very top of a steep rise.  This was a really steep hill, covered in a green grass, that led straight up to the house itself.  When I say steep, it was too steep for me to climb in the dream.  It felt like a 70 degree incline.  Yet he navigated the way just fine.  I couldn’t follow.

The third part involved me trying to get around the hill, to see if there was another way up.  I turned the corner, into an open-space cavern, without a roof above, and it was the scene of a small radio.  There were bleachers around the perimeter, up against the cavern walls, and there were lots of Mexicans with boots and checkered shirts, having a good time watching the spectacle.

I was moving through the spectators, looking for an exit, when I woke up.  I still have these mental images of the hill in my dream, the house at the very top, and the friend walking up the trail.

Helping a rabbit

We were out biking today, the usual loops around our place.  On the very west end of the neighborhood, where we do a little half-loop to turn around, I saw a rabbit laying on the asphalt.  It looked dead, like a car had run it over, but it wasn’t quite flattened.  I rode another full loop, which is little more than a half mile, and when I returned the western turnaround point, I saw the rabbit again.  This time he was sitting up and looking around in his spot.  I was able to do my half-loop and turn around, and pass within 10 feet from the spot where he was sitting, and he didn’t move anywhere.  I figured something was up.

I rode around until I found Sera, and told her I thought the rabbit might be injured.  So we came back to the spot.  The rabbit wasn’t there.  We spent a few seconds searching, and I spotted him, sitting in the shadow of the closest resident’s garbage can.  Sera went over to get a better look at him.  He tried to hop twice, and ended up in the grass, in a shady spot.  When he tried to hop, you could see his back right leg was mangled, and he was in pain.  He ended up trying to half layout, half sit in that spot.  Sera was able to get right up to him, and pet him across the top of his head.  If he’d been feeling “fine”, he would have ran away from us immediately.

So she went to get a bucket to put him in, while I looked for a place we could take him.  I found a list of wildlife rehab specialists on the Indiana DNR website, and there were only a few for the neighboring county.  (There seemed to be none for my county?)  I texted the number for the only specialist that seemed to work with rabbits, and explained the situation, and the woman said she couldn’t come to get the animal.  But we could take it to an exotic wildlife animal clinic, that actually happened to be located to nearby.

We had a large plastic bucket, and I got a couple of towels.  Sera wrapped up the rabbit in a towel and we placed him on top of a second towel in the bucket.  We drove the rabbit to the exotic wildlife clinic, and handed him over to the receptionist there.  I filled out a form that described where and when we’d found him, so that in the event of his successful rehabilitation they could release him near where he was found.  I threw in some money to help with his rehab, and we may work towards bringing in donations for them in the future.  It’s a worthy cause, and it’s physically located nearby.

Bike ride

Sera and I had our first bike ride today, and that’s a small milestone.  We did something like 45 minutes around the “neighborhood loop” and ended up biking something like 7 miles.  She says her bike is easier to move than mine, and I think she’s glad for it.  My tread is a bit wider.  She finally got her phone notifications straightened out, so that my exercise records show up on her phone.  She’s also created a 30-day challenge between she and I.  I guess it’s for total miles for 30 days, starting tomorrow.  I expect her to have a big edge on me, since she has better tires, and I, well, I have to work all the time.

Had to return Anna Karenina to the library because someone reserved it on us, and she ended up checking a out a different copy of Anna Karenina.  Go figure.  The question is, will she watch it this time?  As long as I’m left out of the equation.