Up a strange hill

I had a dream a few nights ago, and it was in multiple parts.  I should have written about it immediately, when details were more clear, but I didn’t.

The first part there was a sort of large space, with a bar along on edge, and a checkerboard pattern of tiles on the floor.  There were a lot of friends there, men and women, and I had a strong feeling that we were supposed to be somewhere else, doing something.

I used WoW spells on various members of the group, trying to get their attention focused on doing whatever it was we were supposed to be doing.  A few moonfires here and there, a few HoTs here and there.  Some people moved, some people noticed, but I don’t think we ever got on to whatever it was I wanted.

The second part involved walking along a path.  I was following a friend up a grassy hill, in a region where his hometown was presumably.  He acted like he knew the way, and was surprised to see the existence of he called a treehouse, but was actually just a small spooky-looking house, at the very top of a steep rise.  This was a really steep hill, covered in a green grass, that led straight up to the house itself.  When I say steep, it was too steep for me to climb in the dream.  It felt like a 70 degree incline.  Yet he navigated the way just fine.  I couldn’t follow.

The third part involved me trying to get around the hill, to see if there was another way up.  I turned the corner, into an open-space cavern, without a roof above, and it was the scene of a small radio.  There were bleachers around the perimeter, up against the cavern walls, and there were lots of Mexicans with boots and checkered shirts, having a good time watching the spectacle.

I was moving through the spectators, looking for an exit, when I woke up.  I still have these mental images of the hill in my dream, the house at the very top, and the friend walking up the trail.