Helping a rabbit

We were out biking today, the usual loops around our place.  On the very west end of the neighborhood, where we do a little half-loop to turn around, I saw a rabbit laying on the asphalt.  It looked dead, like a car had run it over, but it wasn’t quite flattened.  I rode another full loop, which is little more than a half mile, and when I returned the western turnaround point, I saw the rabbit again.  This time he was sitting up and looking around in his spot.  I was able to do my half-loop and turn around, and pass within 10 feet from the spot where he was sitting, and he didn’t move anywhere.  I figured something was up.

I rode around until I found Sera, and told her I thought the rabbit might be injured.  So we came back to the spot.  The rabbit wasn’t there.  We spent a few seconds searching, and I spotted him, sitting in the shadow of the closest resident’s garbage can.  Sera went over to get a better look at him.  He tried to hop twice, and ended up in the grass, in a shady spot.  When he tried to hop, you could see his back right leg was mangled, and he was in pain.  He ended up trying to half layout, half sit in that spot.  Sera was able to get right up to him, and pet him across the top of his head.  If he’d been feeling “fine”, he would have ran away from us immediately.

So she went to get a bucket to put him in, while I looked for a place we could take him.  I found a list of wildlife rehab specialists on the Indiana DNR website, and there were only a few for the neighboring county.  (There seemed to be none for my county?)  I texted the number for the only specialist that seemed to work with rabbits, and explained the situation, and the woman said she couldn’t come to get the animal.  But we could take it to an exotic wildlife animal clinic, that actually happened to be located to nearby.

We had a large plastic bucket, and I got a couple of towels.  Sera wrapped up the rabbit in a towel and we placed him on top of a second towel in the bucket.  We drove the rabbit to the exotic wildlife clinic, and handed him over to the receptionist there.  I filled out a form that described where and when we’d found him, so that in the event of his successful rehabilitation they could release him near where he was found.  I threw in some money to help with his rehab, and we may work towards bringing in donations for them in the future.  It’s a worthy cause, and it’s physically located nearby.