Bike ride

Sera and I had our first bike ride today, and that’s a small milestone.  We did something like 45 minutes around the “neighborhood loop” and ended up biking something like 7 miles.  She says her bike is easier to move than mine, and I think she’s glad for it.  My tread is a bit wider.  She finally got her phone notifications straightened out, so that my exercise records show up on her phone.  She’s also created a 30-day challenge between she and I.  I guess it’s for total miles for 30 days, starting tomorrow.  I expect her to have a big edge on me, since she has better tires, and I, well, I have to work all the time.

Had to return Anna Karenina to the library because someone reserved it on us, and she ended up checking a out a different copy of Anna Karenina.  Go figure.  The question is, will she watch it this time?  As long as I’m left out of the equation.