The bunny

The last few nights I noticed a rabbit was visiting my patio late at night…each time in the 1AM to 2AM time frame.  It was very nervous, and was spending all its time at the base of my two bird feeders.  Very sloppy birds visit my feeders, and there is always seed spilled all over the ground.  The rabbit was carefully foraging from this food source.

Today I decided to fill a frisbee with bits of carrots and leave it out.  I guess some rabbits eat carrots and others don’t.  And they definitely prefer the green leafy part to the orange body.  So we’ll see.

Tonight, it’s only 10:30PM and I’m rewarded with the bunny’s return.  And as a bonus, there is a little one along with him/her.  A tiny rabbit is bouncing along my fence.  I’m not sure if there are any others, and I won’t disturb them foraging tonight.  I left fifteen carrot pieces out, we’ll see what I’ve got left tomorrow morning.

One other thing…there’s actually a dead bird laying out near the feeders.  My feeders are sort of out in the open, so they are vulnerable to predatory birds.  Not sure what killed my bird, but it happened in the last week or so.  It wasn’t there when I last filled my feeders.  And it doesn’t seem to have enough missing pieces to have been killed by a predatory bird for the purpose of eating.  Maybe it was just killed in competition for the food source, who knows.  But my point is, the rabbit doesn’t mind.  In fact, as it’s selecting bird seed to eat, it often sits on the spot where the dead bird is at.  Seems like that would be uncomfortable to me.