Where would she go

Today I happened to see something out of my window.  From my second floor window, I can see over the fence, out to the highway.  I watched a woman get out of a car and start walking back towards oncoming traffic.  I immediately thought she might be looking for something, but what could it be?  It was just a passing car, had she thrown something out, or had something blown out, that she just had to go after?  The weather was really cold today, so I doubt the window would even be open.

Then I wondered if she’d had an argument with the driver, demanded that the car be pulled over, and tried to storm off into the cold.  The highway is sort of “fenced in” in this part…there are fences on both sides of the highway preventing easy access off of the highway.  So where would she go?  I watched her march about a hundred yards, as the driver of the car slowly reversed the car on the shoulder, keeping a distance away from her.

Now just west of where I live, the highway goes underneath an overpass.  After her hundred-yard march, she was beginning to approach that overpass…so she could potentially work her way up the snow (we had a few inches yesterday), and make it up to the two-lane road up there, but she’d still have to walk pretty far to make it anywhere.

She hopped up onto a big pile of snow, and then hopped down again.  Out of the shadows beneath the overpass, another figure emerged.  This new person was dressed in all-black, and what he was doing underneath the overpass I have no idea.  There was no car in sight, if possibly one had broken down or run out of gas.  With temperatures like this, you’d be better off staying in the car anyway.  It seems unlikely it would be a homeless person…there’s such little access to get underneath that overpass…or maybe that’s a good place for a homeless person to go?

The woman must have known he was there…she specifically walked towards the overpass, and seemed to be talking with him.  The two of them entered the car…which, thanks to the driver, was only a few yards away from the overpass.

I’m wondering what the story was…kind of interesting.