A first mouse caught

Was cooking in the kitchen this morning, and I heard a series of noises.  Not quite tapping, not quite smacking.  My furnace makes funny noises sometimes when I listen, so I thought it was that.  But there were too many in a row, like there was an almost continuous dripping noise.

So I went over to the bathroom, and sure enough…a mouse trap I’d set in there had closed shut.  I have a few “live capture” traps that I placed, after I had a couple of occasions where I observed a mouse in the house.  I guess it’s always a surprise to go from being “sure you don’t have mice” to “hmm now I’ve seen one, how are they getting in and how many are there”.  I had a trap in kitchen, in the downstairs bathroom, in the furnace area, and in the small utility closet between the furnace area and the bathroom.  I target the bathroom and the furnace area, because those have “missing wall” around the pipes easily large enough for mice to get in and out.  Annoying.

I guess the trap will go out with the garbage this week.  I’ve already moved the kitchen trap over to the spot in the bathroom.  I had to clean a bunch of black stuff in that area.  Maybe dirt?  Maybe plastic shavings?  That mouse was making all that noises in an attempt to chew himself out of the trap.  He must have been pretty frantic, to be making all that noise while I was only ten feet away in the kitchen.