Room of projected animals

Had a strange dream that I woke up from during the night, and knew I’d remember the next day.

This segment took place in some sort of academic building, in an open two or three story space.  A curved stairwell from the ground floor led up to the top, where there was an open ledge facing below.  The room was sort of a projection room, where images below were made to be seen by a user up on the ledge.

The series of projections being displayed to me up on that ledge mainly had to do with animals charging at me.  A large growling bear, leaping up from the ground to swipe its claws at me.  A large red-haired gorilla, trying to grasp me.  A killer whale surging up from ocean waves and trying to close its jaws on me, before falling back into the water.

I remember being fascinated with the physicality of each encounter.  The animal would always just not-quite reach me.  I even reached out a couple of times, as the animal was falling away, to see what the animal’s body would feel like.  I don’t recall being able to touch any of them.  In the dream, they all felt like real encounters, even though I was aware that they might not be.

Then when the series of images was over, the contents of the room were visible, and it became apparent that the whole process was not real.  There was a stack of cardboard boxes and bean bags piled up in the center room.  I decided to jump down onto it, knocking the whole construct over, and kicked bean bags to the far corners of the room.

And then the strangest part.  The door flies open, Simon Hellberg comes running into the room, and yells at me “why don’t you just trash the room!” and kicks a cardboard box against the wall.  And then he ran out a different door.

And then I woke up.