Dream fragment

I’m not sure if it was an enormous pool or if it was a good-size lake with a concrete enclosure, but it had several buoy-like “islands” tethered in it. They were for some kind of game, and each island was associated with a point value or a strategic value. No one was playing the game. I was out there with 1 or 2 friends, but we weren’t playing the game, we were sort of exploring it by hopping the islands.

I remember being on a small boat, standing on the side of it next to some bags of candy. Some kind of colorful, “pieces”-style candy. No chocolate. And then suddenly columns of water were falling away to depths of at least 100 feet, and then shooting back up. It could have been a natural phenomena, or it could have been part of the game in the area, I couldn’t really tell. But it was terrifying, because several columns would disappear and then shoot back up, and it was entirely random. Me and my friend were terrified, because we didn’t know if the column under the boat would be lost and the boat would get capsized. For some reason I stuffed one bag of candy into each of the side pockets of my cargo shorts.

Presently the movement of the water columns stopped, and our boat floated to the side of the “pool”. I stepped off the boat, and that’s when I woke up.