Dream Babble 1

Trying to sleep earlier tonight. Couldn’t, but managed almost two hours before waking up. Was having a dream about a sort of version of Alterac Valley in a supermarket. Other people were using remote controls to move red or blue units around the battlefield, and different strategic points were located at different parts of the store. The units were blue or red plastic, maybe the size of a frisbee.

For some reason I was pushing mine around on wheels, by hand. I was red (Horde). I was attempting to liberate a midfield graveyard, which Alliance had taken. Someone tried to challenge me with a blue shaman unit (a lump of blue plastic shaped like a Ghost Wolf), but I literally picked up the unit and hurled it across the supermarket. No one objected. I assumed it was because the other players were all kids and I was a scary-looking six-foot plus sized man.

One thought on “Dream Babble 1”

  1. If Genghis Khan picked up my ghost wolf and threw it across the Jewel, I’d give him a wide berth also.

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