A strange dream

Hmm, I fell asleep for a half-hour while my clothes were in the washer. I just woke up from a short but really weird dream. I was laying on my back (maybe on a bed?) in a white room. There was some girl in the room. I don’t remember what she looked like, but she was supposed to be some kind of girlfriend that I recently had met. She was holding in her arms, kind of out in the air, a child who was somewhere between a baby girl and a five-year old girl. The kid had a high forehead, freckles, and blonde hair. It (she) looked at me and said in an adult voice, “Do you have one [a kid] too?” And I shook my head no. Then the woman brought the kid (um, who was naked by the way) over to me. I couldn’t really move for some reason. She held the kid right over my head, and the baby decided to urinate all over me. About a gallon. And then I said, “What the hell are you thinking?” Then I woke up, feeling moist and annoyed.