Who’s That Gorilla?

On 4 December 2003, a western lowland gorilla gave birth at Louisville Zoo. Papa John’s pizza was conducting a contest for providing the baby gorilla with a name. I submitted an entry, but apparently I’ve lost. Damn. The name had to be for a male gorilla and had to be of African origin. I chose the name “Hamisi” which means “born on a Thursday”…which of course, this gorilla had been BORN on a Thursday. Makes sense…it’s kind of a cool name.

But alas…the rules stated the winner would be notified during the week of 3 February 2004. And damn it, nobody’s called me. At least I’ve won those sleep with the sharks tickets for the Point Defiance Zoo. And they think sleeping with the sharks is just for the kids. Sheesh. The winner of the gorilla-naming contest is supposed to be announced in a week or two, maybe on February 24th. Let’ see what this winning name is, I don’t think it can beat Hamisi. As a matter of fact, I’m going to continue referring to this little guy as Hamisi. When I go and visit the zoo, I’m going to yell out, “Hey Hamisi, Hamisi, look at me!” Boy will THEY be surprised. As if he wasn’t born on a Thursday.